Our services


The full service consists of unrivalled dealing and execution capabilities and highly efficient provision of associated Clearing, Settlement & Custody services, utilising state of the art technology solutions that are flexible, controlled and robust. We also have existing integrations with a number of leading system providers in the market.


The dealing service is provided through either a web front end portal (which can be white labelled), or, an electronic interface (based on FIX messaging). Orders are then directed to our powerful Smart Order Router. The orders are dealt in accordance with the client’s trading strategy and execution policy to meet the best execution criteria. To ensure a superior service correctly responding to client specifications, we provide strong SLA management and transparent reporting.




The bespoke settlement system provides for multi-currency and multi-entity capabilities, and caters to complex administrative and client-specific requirements across multiple asset classes, wrappers and products. Straight through processing, reconciliation and exception, and risk management are core principles of the system.



The custody service enables clients to hold positions in WBS nominee accounts on either an omnibus or individual basis. Our nominee accounts hold the securities within CREST wherever possible, regardless of country of origin or trading location of the asset. All client accounts are protected in strict accordance with FCA CASS rules.

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