In recognition of exemplary leadership and strategic vision, Alex Kerry, Head of Winterflood Business Services has been awarded the “Best Strategic Leader” award at the Goodacre Systems in the City awards 2024. This award celebrates his outstanding ability to steer Winterflood Business Services towards sustained growth and innovation in a highly competitive market. 

Under Alex’s leadership, Winterflood Business Services has seen continued growth and strong retention of satisfied customers. He has diversified revenue streams by establishing the Corporate and Trustee Markets arm, leveraging existing proprietary systems, which already has significant clients. Moreover, Winterflood Business Services has experienced revenue growth both organically by helping customers to grow, and through the take on of new clients outsourcing their trading, custody and/or platform services. Winterflood Business Services is proud to support many of the leading companies in financial services. 

Alex has cultivated a strong, inclusive culture at Winterflood Business Services, where long employee tenures are common. Several of his management team members are long standing members of staff, who have been promoted through the structure, reflecting his commitment to talent development. Winterflood Business Services has a principle of diversity at its core, creating a team that has multifaceted strengths. This inclusive culture fosters high morale and a positive work environment.

Congratulations to Alex on this well-deserved honour. 

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