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Award-winning, innovative, cutting-edge and scalable solutions based on proprietary technology. Seamlessly and reliably connect to a wide range of investment services with our platform.

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Our aggregation technology offers you flexibility and potential cost benefits through easy administration.

We aggregate all your underlying orders to create single market orders, while still maintaining the underlying individual order details in the system. This enables seamless reporting back on each order while still gaining all the advantages of consolidated market deals. This can be done once a day or multiple times a day if needed. It can be particularly advantageous for institutions, discretionary managers and large platforms. Your business has the option to aggregate or not as you choose.

Our aggregation technology also enables you to trade fractional ETFs

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You get access to WBS' comprehensive suite of APIs

You get access to WBS' comprehensive suite of APIs that power the real-time transfer of all underlying books, records and instructions from your client. The menu of applications allows for onboarding, transfers, account maintenance, dealing, aggregation and handling of client money at the segregated portfolio level.

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Client reporting – statement and valuation

Get easier client administration, with statements and valuations automatically generated by WBS.

  • Annual Statement reporting includes a profit and loss breakdown for your clients
  • The clients' documents can include your branding to maintain a seamless customer experience.
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Execution quality

Execution is the core of our business, so you can rely on the robust controls and procedures to achieve demonstrable best execution for your deals.

To do this, we continually monitor and analyse our trading, benchmarking the execution outcomes against our clients' success criteria.

You will receive regular trade cost analysis produced by a third-party service, LiquidMetrix, which independently evaluates and demonstrates the quality of our execution. Your report focuses on KPIs such as price improvement, spread capture, performance by execution, as well as any outliers, making it straightforward to monitor best execution. These reports will be discussed in your regular service meeting as an essential element of our commitment to transparency.

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Fractional ETF trading

WBS is an award-winning innovator in trading ETFs.

Our Fractional ETF Trading service arose from our desire to open up access to ETF trading to a wider range of investors allowing model portfolios to be fully invested in ETFs.

WBS partnered with industry leaders in order to deliver this unique proposition to the market.

Our service enables you to trade a defined list of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on a fractional basis, using our aggregation technology. WBS will buy whole units in the market and manage fractional quantities internally to facilitate multiple client ETF orders up to 4 decimal places. A low touch, seamless integration to the EOS Fractional ETF model ensures clients can differentiate their offering easily and can sell down the fraction if desired.

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Fund dealing

WBS has extensive experience in fund trading and administration with funds in custody totalling billions of pounds

You can rely on our established relationships with automated fund execution providers and the efficient integration of back office and admin functions.

With extensive coverage, your business will get access to a wide range of available funds. We’ve also got the experience of handling over 100,000 individual fund orders intra-day.

We also have dedicated resource for fund agreements and fund manager relationships as well as specific expertise across operational teams to make sure things keep running smoothly.

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International coverage

We cover the majority of listed stocks across Europe and have broad coverage of US and Canadian liquid stocks.

With gilts and fixed income, you get access to international bonds and other debt products. You can also send orders in major currencies and the system handles foreign transaction taxes too.

With EOS you get the speed and efficiency derived from automation in all markets where this is possible. Our software connects to and price-polls multiple liquidity providers for ‘best price’.

In-house proprietary routing tools offer Smart Order Routing (SOR) to provide intelligent assessments of liquidity pools and fine-tune advanced algorithmic decision making processes in fragmented markets to analyse the best available options as quickly as possible from the different offers available.

You will get access to global pools of liquidity because we work with retail clients and a wide variety of international markets - including both dark and lit regulated markets.

But you also can rely on our long-standing market relationships that can ensure that your dealing requests can be handled personally when required.

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We understand the intricacies of managing your client’s money and know the real benefits for the client come through the investment decision-making process.

Through the award-winning EOS system, WBS offers investment management modelling tools for discretionary managers to manage clients’ positions through model portfolios. 

The service WBS provides is intuitive and dashboard driven, giving an integrating and easily accessible view of your clients. You can test the impact of portfolio changes by using the software’s ‘What if?’ scenario algorithm to evaluate potential outcomes. Visibility can also be shared with the compliance team to allow for easy oversight of any model weight changes and drift.

The tried and tested solution offers the ability to hold multiple asset classes in multiple models in clients wrappers. You can manage the client relationship from start to finish including a suite of management information.

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Retail client books and records

WBS is authorised and regulated by the FCA to hold client money, as well as safeguarding and administering assets on behalf of our clients.

Our EOS platform holds detailed records that clearly identify the assets held by each individual client. Investments for eligible claimants are covered by the provisions of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

The safeguarding of client assets is paramount to our proposition. We operate strict processes and oversight to ensure we have robust CASS (Client Assets and Money) controls. All client money is held by us in trust, in dedicated bank accounts and is segregated from our own money. Assets belonging to clients are segregated from firm assets in a dedicated nominee company, Winterflood Client Nominees Limited. We do not lend any stock held in our custody service.

From permissions to statements and valuations, we can help you manage the administration and reporting of your retail client accounts.

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Transaction reporting data service

Our platforms are designed with transparency at their core, helping us and our clients to meet the changes to transaction reporting required under MiFID II.

The WBS transaction reporting data service is designed with your needs in mind, providing your business with the tools to remain compliant under the MiFID II regime. To support this, it provides out-of-the-box reports, to assist you with your regulatory reporting obligations. Clients who opt into our data service are provided with transaction reporting data in a format ready for onward transmission to the regulator via their Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM).

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When managing your customer’s finances, it’s important to be able to offer a range of different tax-efficient wrappers.

Through WBS you can access a vast range of products including:

  • Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISA)
  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)
  • Offshore Bonds
  • General Investment Accounts (GIA)
  • Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP)

WBS is an ISA plan manager and we can also support you if you are an ISA plan manager and want to retain that responsibility yourself. 

For SIPPs and Offshore Bonds, we access an extensive panel of providers to support your needs and ensure you have the right range to properly support your customer.

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White labelling

We can maintain your brand consistency when using the WBS services.

You may have spent years building your brand to the level that your current and future customers can easily identify with. Don’t worry, we can maintain your brand consistency when using the WBS services. You can expect tailored customer-facing screens that look and feel like your brand through our white-labelling service. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure that the rollout meets your expectations. 

Alternatively, if you wanted to maintain complete control of your customer facing screens, we offer real-time integration connections through our API hub so you can build the screens yourself but still maintain the core-functionality driven from the WBS suite of services.