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Cutting edge technology

Access the whole of the market through our state-of-the-art award-winning proprietary platform, EOS. Based on a modular framework, it offers a comprehensive suite of APIs, allowing third parties to seamlessly connect to the services they require.

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How EOS works

EOS is Winterflood Business Services’ enterprise-class trade execution platform. Built on the latest Microsoft technology, EOS enables the end-to-end trading lifecycle from order placement through to settlement. To support this, it provides out-of-the-box regulatory reporting, including transaction reporting to the regulator, statements and valuations, best execution reporting, and more. Long-term success in financial services depends on having options that you can rely on every time you need to trade, this is why EOS has been designed with your needs in mind.


    Client Connectivity

    You can be sure you can connect to us in the way that best suits your organisation. To make this process as seamless as possible, you can choose from a range of connectivity options which offer an omni-channel experience, putting you in control. For clients who are looking for an all-in-one technology solution, we provide both retail and corporate trading portals, enabling you to manage your portfolios end-to-end within a single solution.


    Alternatively, if you are looking to integrate WBS’s services into your existing technology solutions, you can connect to the EOS platform through standard FIX messaging protocols. Finally, for those looking to achieve the greatest control through their integration experience, the functionality of EOS can openly be consumed through our suite of REST APIs.

    Market Connectivity

    Know that we take our obligations to deliver best execution every time seriously. To achieve this, we offer a whole-of-market solution provided through an extensive network of market makers. EOS is currently directly integrated into 10 leading market makers, with the ability to trade with dozens more through our supplier network.


    EOS can rapidly onboard market makers in minutes, meaning that if our current network can’t deliver right now, we can still meet your needs.


    Your trades can’t wait, and at WBS we get that. As such, our engineers are constantly investing in making the EOS platform more resilient. EOS Core is hosted fully on-premise giving us maximum control over the platform from the network right the way up. This network has exhibited 100% network uptime for the last nine years, giving us confidence that you will be in safe hands. Furthermore, we exploit best-in-class application monitoring and service health technologies, combined with best practice ITIL processes and a highly-experienced team of support engineers to ensure that any incidents are rapidly detected and resolved.

    That’s why in the last 12 months EOS has delivered 99.98% availability. However, sometimes things go wrong. That’s why our support engineers work hand-in-hand on a daily basis with your relationship managers to ensure that any issues that you are experiencing rapidly get the attention that they deserve.


    Organisations today face a host of threats from state and non-state actors, and as such, success depends on constantly anticipating, monitoring and responding to these evolving threats. At WBS, we recognise that a secure trading platform is critical for your success and ours.

    That’s why all our technology engineers are required to complete training in best security practices twice a year. This ensures that every line of code we write has been produced with these best practices in mind.

    And because we can never be careful enough, EOS undergoes comprehensive penetration testing every quarter to identify and resolve potential issues. We also deploy cutting-edge threat detection and monitoring technologies, providing that extra reassurance in real-time.


    EOS is designed to suit the needs of your company, large or small, and is adaptable to enable you to serve your clients in the way you want. Built on cutting-edge Microsoft technology it is configured to an enterprise-class, microservices architecture. Each component of EOS can be deployed independently and in parallel, providing a range of options for scaling the platform, to deliver you the power and performance that you need. As your business grows and develops, systems can be scaled and adapted so that they continue to suit your increasing requirements.


    You can configure EOS’s functionality to suit your own processes – our static data management module offers an adaptable suite of options. Whether it’s trade authorisation, portfolio rebalancing, or activity reporting, we can make sure EOS works for you.

    UK Platform Awards

    Award winning innovator in aggregation and automation

    WBS is recognised as a leading innovator in aggregation and automation. We were awarded the 'Best Strategic Platform Partner' award at the Platform Awards 2017 for our EOS institutional platform and technology advancement. In 2018, WBS was awarded the 'Leading Innovation' award for the launch of the WBS fractional ETF trading service and continued to remain highly commended for Best Strategic Platform Partner.