Winterflood Business Services (WBS) has been featured in the ETF Stream article: ‘Is fractional trading a silver bullet for ETF platform issues?’. The article discusses fractional trading and how different platforms perceive the offering.

When discussing the introduction of fractional trading in their services, certain platforms say they cannot justify including this type of trading due to low demand or regulations. However, Steve Croucher, Commercial Officer at WBS notes that, “ETFs are already in scope with fractionalisation of ETFs with ISAs so there is no problem there”. 

He also added that, “The sticking point is around single stocks. When fractionalisation of shares is permitted in ISAs as well, that could be a game changer, but it is already available from an ETF point of view.” 

If you would like to discuss the article or topic in more detail, please contact: Steve Croucher, Commercial Officer at Winterflood Business Services.